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Integrated solution built on K8s, open source standards for container management.

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Designed with efficiency at its core and scalability for higher productivity.
Multicloud Adaption


Developed to facilitate the adoption  of multicloud architectures

The challenges companies faces today can be solved in the cloud

The digital transformation companies need to endeavor today, implies big challenges managing and merging legacy platforms and structures with modern and agile cloud based microservices.

We believe that every company should be able to deliver a great experience for their clients through the digital transformation.

AEOL Gateway enables companies integrate to cloud hybrid architectures as multicloud.

Cloud Transformation

How can AEOL Gateway help your company

With integrated solutions aimed to power your productivity and take you to the next level ☝🏻

Powerful Interface

Powerful Interface

One interface to rule and manage all the necessities, in terms of control, monitoring and analysis of your cloud architecture.

Open Source

Open Source

Break down the monolith and build great solutions for your client. Use any kind of service, legacy or otherwise, its’s up to you!

Add-ons & Plugins

Add-ons & plugins

Powerd by Golang (open source) that extends its functionalities and apdats to your business and development needs.

Let’s talk about your transformation

Each transformation is different from the other transformation, fortunally AEOL Gateway adapts to them all! 👍🏻

Learn with us

We learn everyday, and we love to share that with others 🙌🏻

Cloud-based transformation, the digital wave

Cloud-based transformation, the digital wave

The organization that immerses itself in the digital cloud, is constantly transforming, adapting to changes and continues to grow. In the past, companies relied on technology primarily to keep their business processes running. Today, together with the operational...

Microservices, present and future of software architecture

Microservices, present and future of software architecture

More and more companies are migrating from monolithic architectures to microservices. Greater scalability and efficiency in the development of services, as well as easier administration of these, make microservices ecosystems an ideal option for an organization in...

The Kubernetes breakthrough

The Kubernetes breakthrough

The architecture created by Google is currently the most relevant open source community in the world, becoming the main platform for containers and the favorite of cloud service providers. More and more, companies are concerned about having an IT infrastructure that...

Challenges of adopting cloud architectures

Challenges of adopting cloud architectures

Cloud services are already more relevant than traditional infrastructure services, let's review the most relevant challenges faced by companies that are going to migrate or are already under an IT architecture model in the cloud....

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